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Explore the most revered of ancient sites around the world with renowned polymath Robert Edward Grant. Roberts’s audio guide is used in two main ways: it leverages the latest app and GPS technology to deliver a personal experience based on your exact location. Or two, from home, you can navigate the interactive map listening to this high-quality content presented by Robert shrouded in beautiful sounds, which bring the experience to life and help connect you more to the environment, more so than simply reading a book. Roberts’s tours contain site-specific content, meditation, personal accounts, and mathematical analysis, which have captivated his social media followers for years. As a bonus, we have included links to didactic sessions, totaling many hours designed to help you advance your understanding and unlock your consciousness. However you choose to use this elegant and informative audio guide, you can be sure you will come away with a much deeper understanding of these ancient sites and, more importantly, yourself.

Unlock Didactic Sessions

Discover the latest insights and perspectives on ancient exploration and new discoveries. Our sessions dive deep into the history and mysteries of the pyramids, providing an in-depth look at research, geometric analysis, and the most profound conclusions of the world’s most enigmatic structures.

Our sessions cover a wide range of topics, from the latest discoveries and perspectives on ancient exploration, to the latest research and geometric analysis of the pyramids. With our cutting-edge technology and innovative teaching methods, you’ll learn in an engaging and interactive environment, unlocking new insights and perspectives on the pyramids like never before.

Meditation spots

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life and allow yourself to be transported back in time, to a place where the ancient pharaohs once walked. Let the power and beauty of the Giza Plateau be your guide as you find stillness and focus in your mind and body.

Enjoy the experience and magic of Meditation Spots at the Giza Plateau. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of this iconic landmark, and let its timeless energy inspire and uplift you. Come find your center at one of the world’s most awe-inspiring destinations.

 Join us on a journey to uncover the secrets of the ancient world, and gain a deeper understanding of one of humanity’s most fascinating and enduring mysteries.

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Do you have to physically be at the tour location to use the App?

No. Our audio tours, plus exclusive educational content, have been designed to be used on-site as a personal guide or as an interactive learning tool, you can access from home.

Does the tour work offline?

Yes, once you have downloaded the tour, it will work offline, provided you keep your GPS on. Therefore you can rest assured that it will not use your data.

What’s the best way to download the App?

Because the tours are packed with rich content, the files are large. Therefore we recommend you download the tours while connected to WIFI.

Are you planning to develop more audio guides?

Yes. We plan to create similar content-rich interactive learning and tour guides for ancient sites worldwide.