Robert Edward Grant invites you to follow the PERU 2024 ΑΧΩ Adventure Expedition as a Virtual Explorer, from wherever in the world you are!

Past ΑΧΩ Adventure Highlights 
Abu Simbel with Robert Edward Grant

The Virtual Pass Experience

With your Virtual Pass, you will get to follow along on this extraordinary tour of exploration and discovery. It is a luxury tour with private access to ancient sites otherwise off-bounds to the broader general public. Virtual Explorers will be able to join along online in a private Online Channel and receive access to recorded didactic sessions with Robert and his incredible Guest Faculty Team Members.

You will see and experience the depth and beauty of these incredible locations from a unique perspective — straight from Robert Edward Grant and his faculty team — and learn about the secrets left behind revealing the missing technologies of Ancient Unsolved Locations. Together, we will explore the possibilities that are held within these ancient sites and more!

Read more about the incredible discovery that led to these group expeditions.

The Origin Story

Current Active ΑΧΩ Expedition
Peru 2024 with Robert Edward Grant

Available Virtual Passes

Relive the exciting recordings from past expeditions that include the brilliant presentations of Robert Edward Grant and other faculty members. A treasure trove of explorative information & findings — we wanted to make it available to you.
Peru 2024

Upcoming Expedition: Peru 2024

You can soon purchase access to the Peru 2024 Virtual Pass. Further details will become available on the purchase page once this Virtual Pass has been made available.

This is the active expedition that is planned for late October 2024.
Peru 2024 ΑΧΩ Adventure Expedition Virtual Pass

Egypt 2023

You can purchase access to all the 2023 Virtual Pass content captured for this expedition. Further details are available on the purchase page.

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Egypt 2021

You can purchase access to all the 2021 Virtual Pass content captured for this expedition. Further details are available on the purchase page.

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How it began

The past Egyptian Great Pyramid Discovery in 2018 by Robert Edward Grant that sparked several expeditions to further the findings.

Robert's 2018 Discovery Post

Discovery at the Serapeum of Saqqara, Egypt
Egypt Expedition 2021 with Robert Edward Grant

2021 ΑΧΩ Adventure Highlights Abu Simbel
Egypt Expedition 2021 with Robert Edward Grant

2021 ΑΧΩ Adventure Highlights
Egypt Expedition

Watch The Real Da Vinci Code
Produced by Robert Edward Grant & Alan Green

Testimonials from Past ΑΧΩ Expeditions

Jason ZMar 17, 2023

Thanks Robert for such an amazing trip! Anyone that is on a path of spirituality and has a belief and understanding that the mainstream narrative of the origin of the pyramids is not correct should go on this trip.

Kristjan AMar 17, 2023

A perfect trip. I am very grateful for the huge effort the entire staff put in to make this a wild experience. I met beautiful people, and got a bunch of answers I was searching for. Enjoyed the ride from beginning to end, and am still enjoying the new questions the trip raised. Well done, guys!

Catherine MMar 16, 2023

The trip was well planned, well executed, and well led with heart and passion.

David P.Mar 16, 2023

Extraordinary. Robert Grant and Mohamed Ibrahim have more integrity between the two of them than virtually 99% of all persons on planet earth. To experience their hospitality and wisdom is to be treated like kings and queens. If have a chance to tour with either of these men, don’t miss the opportunity

Shannon FMar 16, 2023

My son and I had an absolutely incredible, magical, and life-changing tour with Robert Edward Grant and his amazing staff, namely Andrea and Eden. The accommodations were beautiful; the tours were beyond our wildest imagination; the food was delicious; the people we met were some of the loveliest people in the world. In short, it was a spectacular, generous, fabulous trip that we will never forget and that we highly recommend. Robert Edward Grant is nothing short of one of the most brilliant intellects and souls living right now, so traveling with him is a huge opportunity for enlightenment, growth and transformation in addition to everything else the trip has to offer. Thank you Egypt 2023 Expedition!

Lesa M.Nov 07, 2021

I love, love loved this journey! So full of discovery and new experiences, it opened myheart and mind in so many ways! Edward Grant and his team made magic happenfor us! So many new experiences that only our team experienced, like private times inthe pyramids and special dinners in the Karnak Temple and outside of the StepPyramid… truly a trip if a lifetime!

Zachary B.Oct 31, 2021

This trip was absolutely life changing! Every part of it was well organized and actionpacked! You have the option to do what you want or follow the plan and everyoneloved it. Such an enjoyable experience.

Yerlin R.Nov 07, 2021

It was a life changing experience. Forever grateful to Robert for it. Love it absolutely

Maria C.Nov 09, 2021

This Trip was one the most Amazing and Fantastic experiences I have ever had in mylife! One Dream fulfillment after the next. I would strongly recommend it to anyoneinterested in Ancient Technologies, Knowledge and Civilizations. It’s intense and it willchange you forever!

Moments from Past ΑΧΩ Expeditions

The Origin Story of These Grand Expeditions

In May of 2018, Robert Edward Grant discovered an obscure AXΩ de-bossed on the rim of the King’s Chamber Sarcophagus — a place famously thought to have been devoid of any hieroglyphics or writing telling us clues about the builders. In 2019, Robert Grant and Alan Green discovered an encryption within the Vitruvian Man illustration by Leonardo Da Vinci, perhaps the most iconic image over the past 500 hundred years.

Together Robert and Alan found a “map” or blueprint of the Great Pyramid encoded into the horizontal lines and the proportions of the iconic and masterpiece illustration. This map appears to point to the precise locations of hidden yet undiscovered chambers within the Great Pyramid’s massive structure. In 2020 Robert and several of the faculty discovered several stone reliefs within the King’s Chamber, one of which was an 8 foot wide relief depicting a Cow and a smaller Bull on the North Wall of the King’s Chamber along with several other reliefs upon the outer surface of the rose granite Sarcophagus. The discoveries made during the 2021 Expedition led Robert to realize that we are decrypting the life of Osiris and the Hero’s Journey.

In 2023-2024, we are continuing to follow this 500+ year old map and following further clues concealed within other masterpieces by Leonardo Da Vinci and other renaissance polymaths: ‘Shakespeare’ (DeVere, Bacon, and Dee) as well as Albrecht Dürer. What else might we discover on this next adventure with several fresh clues and new, expanded perspectives?