PHILOMATH: The Geometric Unification of Science & Art Through Number

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by Robert Edward Grant (Author), Talal Ghannam, PhD (Author)

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Through the unification of numbers and geometry, they will strip disciplines like physics and the fundamental constants, music, geometry, prime number theory, as well as enigmatic concepts like the wave-particle duality, down to their quintessential essences, showing them all to be interconnected, emerging from few basic and simple geo-numerical laws that underlie the entire fabric of space and time. The whole process of unification is similar to an alchemical transformation where both sides of the brain become harmonious and hypersensitive to all subtle thoughts and observations, and where consciousness becomes more self-aware, attaining higher levels of understanding, morality, as well as respect towards oneself and the world.

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Mirror of Consciousness: A compendium of work by Robert Edward Grant

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I strongly believe that the balance of art, science, and number can have a powerful impact on human consciousness and evolution. I hope you sincerely enjoy this work and medium while browsing through its pages, seeking to feel the sincere intention with which it has been both organized and conveyed.

Sincerely,  Robert Edward Grant

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