Precise Temperament Tuning

Developed by Robert Edward Grant


‘Precise Temperament Tuning’ is a geometrical approach to music temperament replacing the Just Intonation’s Major Third interval (1.25 or 5/4) with 1.26. In this approach, the MINOR (3rd) interval FALLS (from 1.2 to 1.19) and the MAJOR (3rd) interval LIFTS (increasing from 1.25 to 1.26)

By combining 1.26 as the Major Third and a perfect 1.5 (3/2) as the Perfect Fifth Robert Edward Grant found that a new and complete musical scale could be derived that might overcome some of the limitations of Equal Temperament Tuning and allow for a direct connection to all geometrical expression.

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Precise Temperament Tuning Features

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Prelude in C major by Jason Martineau (Precise Temperament Tuning)

432Hz Music of the Precise-Temperament

432Hz Music of the Precise-Temperament

432Hz Music of the Precise-Temperament

Bach Prelude BWV 998 Jason Martineau (Precise Temperament Tuning)

Maybe – Yiruma | Piano in 432.081Hz Precise Temperament Tuning by David Higham Music

432Hz Meditation | Harmonize Your Mind and Body with Precise Temperament Tuning by David Higham Music

432.081 Hz Precise Pure Tone | Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation by Wholebeing Hub

Moonlight Sonata by Jason Martineau [“Precise Temperament”, at A=432Hz]

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