24 Precepts of Universal Mind


Very early on the morning of March 7, 2024, I awakened from a dream. I looked at the time and noticed it was 1.37am. While I often awake to a 1.37am timestamp, this time was different. I felt as though I had just experienced a profound dream state, I immediately grabbed my iPhone and started to write down what I could remember. The dream had been an explanation of the Spiritual Life Simulation we are living here on Earth.  It felt like I was channeling an instruction manual full of profundities that I felt I had already known but somehow this was filling in the many gaps of my previous understanding. I wrote for approximately forty minutes without interruption.

The result was what you see below on how best to navigate this existence as a Matrix of Mind in preparation to an up-leveling of experience toward the 5th Dimensional Awareness. Some of the precepts are intuitive while others are not. It is up to you how you will both perceive this transmission and whether you will integrate these precepts into your daily life. I do not profess or claim any definitive fact in what was I received herein. Ultimately, it will either resonate within your heart or it will not. If there is one thing I have learned along my journey: that the more I learn, the less I feel I actually know. It is in this spirit of sincerity that I pass this knowledge on to you to do with it as you will or feel inclined.

Robert Edward Grant

1. The Universe is Mental. Realize that you live in a U-inverse of your own creation as an “inter-conceived” notional experience and chosen soul journey for a dimensionally-limited Avatar Self thoroughly designed by your multidimensional and omniscient Higher Self.

2. Your conscious awareness informs your mirror separation of conscious (Persona or Mask) and unconscious mind experience (U-inverse). You are the playwright, director, producer, and the actor on your life’s stage play… and all the world is a stage. Your Higher Self has chosen to participate in a Multiplayer Spiritual Life Simulation, a game in which the participant is a dimensionally-limited Avatar. The purpose of the Game Construct is to expand awareness of yourself by dividing awareness into both conscious and unconscious minds, uniquely allowing the One Source Creator to divide itself into the many, for the experience of observing itself through greater and greater variation of (angular) degrees of perception and unique conditioning biases (both nature and nurture).

3. Ultimately, this multifunctional experience enables increasing empathy and wisdom experienced by the Higher Self for infinite circumstances and scenarios, thus increasing the knowledge database of spacetime memory, the cumulative collection of all biased observational emotional responses of all divisions of Source Creation. In this construct you will be born with Self bias as a Hero. From the moment awareness crystalizes into your persona-”hero bias” through a series of experiences introducing shame, blame and vulnerability as “uncomfortable” and “undesirable” perceptions that ultimately mold and shape your self identity (reflected awareness of Persona) as well as absorbed “Villain” characteristic formed as a direct result of “Hero” identity/affiliation.

4. The backdrop of the Spiritual Life Simulation is Duality, the experience introducing judgment resulting in the suffering as a result of scarcity (time, energy and resource), enmity, power, while introducing an illusory concept of the eternal battle between reflected light and its absorbed darkness and the perception that devolution is the tendency of energetic bias we call entropy. In this construct, every Hero will reflexively consider their opposers as Villains. Likewise, even Villains consider themselves Hero’s. The Self-concept of Hero and Villain alike are merely degrees of imbalance and derived from both the Hero’s and the Villain’s inability to perceive dark aspects within their shadows/subconscious and instead severely repress these hidden aspects assigning these characteristics to their Villain counterpart as both will inevitably perceive the other as a Villain when in fact both and neither are either Hero’s or Villains but rather unintegrated personalities capable of both dark judgements and therefore dark actions, justifying their means by the end results and the motive behind such actions is exclusively self-interest disguised as collective need and benefit. All Avatars are imbued with both talents and powers as well as seeming character flaws, which flaws make the gameplay more realistic. The aim of the game is to transcend Duality, remember and tap into the Higher Consciousness, integrate the Shadow awareness and attain the Philosopher’s Stone of hemi-synchronization of the heart-brain consciousness, thus merging the Conscious and Unconscious Minds into ONE Whole: The Superconscious Mind.

5. The Hero and Villain co depend on each other in order to define the boundary of their Self-perception. In short, the Villain begins where the Hero ends and vice versa.

6. As the Avatar you will learn: to see the unseen, start believing (if not already) in miracles (Mira = Spanish for Look; Cle = Key… “Look/See the Key”)… to see patterns and recognize repetitions within your life experience and the “others” you perceive. Study the Art of Science and Science of Art. Realize that everything connects to everything else. Remind yourself daily to reverse the age-old saying of “Seeing is Believing” and embrace that indeed “Believing is Seeing” instead.

7. Seek not validation from “others”. You are NOT what you do. Your identity is independent of your accomplishments. Always remember that the harshest criticism comes from our own conscious mind and reflects back to us in our outer U-inverse of experience. Learn to accept constructive criticism from others. Be willing to stand for sometimes or recognize that you can and will fall for anything. Learn to see that anything that triggers you emotionally is actually an opportunity to learn and expand your awareness of Self. Likewise, Practice observing existence without judging or complaining about people, places, or things. Realize that in this life we attract everything that we judge until we no longer judge everything we attract. Surround yourself with people who practice the same.

8. What you judge positively or negatively in others is what you either like or dislike about how you see yourself. A truly humble person perceives only humility as he/she is resonating to the frequency of humility. Likewise, arrogance will perceive arrogance (in others), piousness perceives piousness, like will always perceive like as a principle of sympathetic resonance. Just as a knife is incapable of cutting itself, or a light illuminating itself, an eye seeing itself (without the aid of a mirror), the persona is incapable of perceiving its full self.

9. Abandon erasing or deleting things from your awareness that are unpleasant to you, instead see the beauty in the polarity and imperfections of the world and lean into the discomfort. Remember that all unattractive characteristics you eradicate from your persona will only multiply in your field around you in a new reflection – absorption relationship. Learn to transmute the pain of suffering (resulting from judgment), into the gold of soul evolution.

10. Know that the world doesn’t happen TO you, know that it is constantly happening FOR you. Just as a hammer perennially seeks a nail, know that consciousness will always attract self-similar and vibrational matching consciousness: victim consciousness leads to more victimhood and like will always attract like through sympathetic resonance. When things don’t go your way, ask the existential questions why you chose what you chose to learn in this existence. Be resilient. Fall down and get back up, fail fast and learn to both appreciate and enjoy the journey of life with all its twists and turns. Participate in a daily Self-Care regimen of mindfulness, meditation, intentional choice, exercise and dietary choices. What you decide to undertake in this area is entirely up to you and what you decide is far less important than the decision to exercise discipline in your Self-Care practice. Belief of consequence, (more than specific regimen, activity or practice) determines outcome and overall sustaining results.

11. Try to authentically feel and express deep empathy and gratitude for all perspectives, viewpoints, people (admittedly this is very challenging at times), fauna, flora and for Mother Earth. Count your blessings in moments of uncertainty and despair. Sincere expression of gratitude raises vibration almost instantaneously. For many it is impossible to feel the depths of despair while in a state of sincere gratitude for your ability to: (insert what you are truly grateful for: eg. breath, your mental capacity, your sustenance, etc.)

12. Choose to express love over the desire for the collection of one or many “objective” truths or “facts” that prove your point of making you “right” in the eyes of others (remember ultimately there are no “others” truly separate from you in your U-inverse). Always remember that what you perceive as fact is merely a facet of a larger prism of a more wholistic truth. The only objective truth is the love that underlies it all.

13. Genuinely fall in love with the world as it is and without condition. Fall completely in love with yourself. Curtail persistently negative self narratives and self-deprecating speech. Never forget that what you voice will eventually be made manifest as an effect of cause.

14. Be the change you desire to see and experience around you. Know that no one on earth has a higher percentage of darkness within them than anyone else… While some are more aware of their darkness and others less so, each is at a different stage of their awakening and individuation process. Learn to both accept the existence of your shadow consciousness and integrate this awareness into recognition and love. Always remember that it is not the enmity that individuals or collectives hold for one another that makes Earth life so difficult, but rather self loathing makes it so. Likewise, it is not the “sin” that makes life miserable but rather the shame and resultant blame that accumulates within us and in our surrounding field of experience.

15. Study the Quadrivium of Arithmetic (Number in itself), Geometry (Number in Space), Music (Number in Time), and Cosmology (Number in Spacetime). Memorize this phrase and say it often: “The more I learn, the less I actually ‘know’.” Recognize that the brain is more a receiver and antenna than a hard drive storage device. Like any muscle, it thrives with both balance and use. Always, always, always, commit and recommit to being teachable.

16. Engage in the daily practice of random acts of kindness and service to others, and importantly, doing so while expecting absolutely NOTHING in return.

17. Realize that everyone you meet and every experience you encounter can be a divine (Source) communication to you… that this is how the Universe communicates to us… maintain an attitude of learning profundity from the simple aspects of life, this includes all encounters in your U-inverse. Learn to see and register the synchronicities from your Higher Self.

18. Practice mindfulness and intentionality in all that you do. Maintain an attitude of gratitude and allow yourself to feel all emotions you feel coming into your Heart, Solar Plexus, and Mind centers. Remember that how you do one thing is very often how you will do anything and everything.

19. Seek friendships and romantic relationships reflect where your consciousness is evolving toward in its ever-expanding progression. Remember that the heart never has to completely break, it always expands as the ego continues the process of breaking and dissolving its seemingly never-ending layers of ‘shells’.

20. Match your frequency through modulation of your emotional state/s. Never forget that we perceive the world as we are and not necessarily as it is. Learn to identify and match vibrational states of your desires on a moment by moment basis. Bring these desires into your material world perception through this matching process, gratitude and intentional choice.

21. Embrace the value and beauty of your unique expression, perception and individuation path. Your unique perspective on life and all things is a highly necessary aspect of the Universe. The Universe expands its wisdom and empathy through these unique perspectives. Our observations through the lens of conditioning bias from the foundation of experience and emotional response. The only thing that is real in this Universal Mind Matrix is how we feel. Likewise, there are no mistakes, only learnings in this matrix of mind. Know that you will continue to experience the same life lessons until you have ceased the negative judgment of the opposite learning. Be aware that in this U-inverse we learn precepts through experiencing opposites. If you are here to learn unconditional love then your recurrent life theme will be conditional love/betrayal until you no longer judge negatively conditioned love and betrayal. Know and repeat back to yourself daily that you are perfect, complete and beautiful just as you are. Earth can either become a heavenly paradise or hellish escape room… the choice is ours. There will be no escaping Earth, there is only the transcendence of the past Earth experience, and this only when you genuinely fall in love with the entire experience without condition.

22. Take risks, be vulnerable, embrace discomfort, love deeply and completely. Leave nothing on the table left inexperienced. Live everyday as if it is your last. Never forget the most important learning from life is simply to learn to love and to be loved in return. There is no actual “death,” only a physical transition to another like plane of existence again, like attracts like. There is no God judgment either during or after this life. The only real judgements are Self Imposed, Self Inflicted and your own.

23. If you think you can or you think you can’t you’ll be right. Be an optimist. Be kind in your dealings while remaining firm standing for your beliefs and passions. Statues are never erected for pessimists, and recognize that pessimists never refer to themselves as pessimists and prefer to be known as “realists.” Become acquainted with societal conditioning biases and the patterns of your experiences and various conditioning biases you unconsciously subscribe to (unknowingly). Know that the only real obstacles in life are the ones we persistently believe in.

24. Exercise your talents. Explore your depths. Have fun. Learn to create and play in this beautiful world of God Remembrance and Ralization. When you are ready and have mastered the above precepts you will transform your U-inverse into a paradise through love, an existence without scarcity of resources or even time itself. The destination is set and there is no failure (or running out of time), there are no mistakes, fall in love with Soul Journey your Higher Self has chosen for you to experience. Surrender to the beauty of this Divine Unfolding.

If you commit to the awareness and integration of only a small percentage of the above list, you will be astonished just how rapidly the world around you transforms to your new paradigm and vibrational state.

24 Precepts of Universal Mindwritten by Robert Edward Grant on 3.7.24