Robert Edward Grant invites you to follow the Egypt 2023 ΑΧΩ Expedition Adventure as a Virtual Explorer, from wherever in the world you are!

Tour Dates: Feb 25 – Mar 07, 2023

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With your Virtual Pass, you will get to follow along LIVE, on this extraordinary tour of exploration and discovery. It is a luxury tour with private access to ancient sites otherwise off-bounds to the broader general public. Virtual Explorers will be able to join along online in a private Telegram Channel and receive access to didactic sessions with Robert and his incredible Guest Faculty team members.

You will see and experience the beauty of Ancient Egypt from a unique perspective straight from Robert Edward Grant and his team and learn about the secrets and missing technologies of Ancient Egypt from Egyptologist Mohamed Ibrahim. Together, they will explain the possibility that the Pyramids could be much older than previously believed, the possibility of the existence of the use of advanced technology in Ancient Egypt, and more!

Make sure you scroll to the end of the page, to watch the LIVE ORIENTATION broadcast or replay, to meet Robert and the Faculty, and hear more about the trip!

In May of 2018, Robert Grant discovered an obscure AXΩ de-bossed on the rim of the King’s Chamber Sarcophagus–a place famously thought to have been devoid of any hieroglyphics or writing telling us clues about the builders. In 2019, Robert Grant and Alan Green discovered an encryption within the Vitruvian Man illustration by Leonardo Da Vinci, perhaps the most iconic image over the past 500 hundred years.

Together Robert and Alan found a “map” or blueprint of the Great Pyramid encoded into the horizontal lines and the proportions of the iconic and masterpiece illustration. This map appears to point to the precise locations of hidden yet undiscovered chambers within the Great Pyramid’s massive structure. In 2020 Robert and several of the faculty discovered several stone reliefs within the King’s Chamber, one of which was an 8 foot wide relief depicting a Cow and a smaller Bull on the North Wall of the King’s Chamber along with several other reliefs upon the outer surface of the rose granite Sarcophagus. The discoveries made during the 2021 Expedition led Robert to realize that we are decrypting the life of Osiris and the Hero’s Journey.

In 2023, we are continuing to follow this 500+ year old map and following further clues concealed within other masterpieces by Leonardo Da Vinci and other renaissance polymaths: ‘Shakespeare’ (DeVere, Bacon, and Dee) as well as Albrecht Dürer. What else might we discover on this next adventure with several fresh clues and new, expanded perspectives…

The Real Da Vinci Code
Produced by Robert Edward Grant & Alan Green


Want to ride along, hear the teachings live and watch the show? Perhaps you want to go deeper, join the crew in a private Telegram Channel where you will be walking with us the whole way. You can also take the plunge as a full-on Voyager, but also have some back-stage live event access, a post-trip ZOOM private gathering and more!


– Access to the main portal / website hub
– View all didactic sessions live and recorded
– Telegram channel access: follow along and comment in real time with the entire Team, getting posts, pictures, commentary, discussion and announcements. Available on mobile and desktop so you can hang out with us through the temples, pyramids and talks as you go about your day! This is where the real action is happening, you’ll be getting images and video and live commentary throughout the adventure and be able to comment and discuss with others on the live and virtual journey.
– Post-trip videos from site visits & Didactic sessions (downloadable)
– Ask questions in a live Q&A
– Submit questions in writing for live or written responses
– Broadcasting from select sites live
– Post-trip live (Zoom) session w/ Robert Edward Grant and team
– $100 discount on one of Robert’s online courses
– *Highest Priority access to future exclusive in-person travel adventures
– *$333 credit towards future in-person trip


Wherever LIVE coverage is possible, we will broadcast on-the-spot ACCESS at site explorations.


  • Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Pyramid of Khafre
  • Pyramid of Menkaure
  • Sphinx


  • Philae Temple (Isis Temple)
  • Elephantine Island
  • Kom Ombo Temple
  • Unfinished Obelisk
  • Esna Temple


  • Esna-Edfu
  • Edfu Temple
  • Luxor Temple
  • Karnak Temple


  • Dendera Temple
  • The New Crypts
  • Isis Chapel in Dendera Temple


  • Abydos Temple
  • Ramses II Temple
  • Osireion Temple


  • Valley of the Kings
  • Hatshepsut Temple
  • Ramesseum Temple
  • Colossi of Memnon
Egypt AXΩ 2023 - Virtual Pass image


ROBERT EDWARD GRANT; Polymath, Entrepreneur, Geometer, Mathematician, Musician, Artist.

Egypt AXΩ 2023 - Virtual Pass image


EDEN VIZA; Tour Navigatrix & Support Team

JAMIE JANOVER; Knowledge Conduit, Musician, Artist

TIAGO BRAGA; Geometriasagrada on FB/Instagram

ALAN GREEN; Shakespeare Dee-coder, Great Pyramid Al-Khem-ist, Bard Code Composer

LOUNA GREGOIRE; Tour Navigation Support Team

GABRIEL LYRIO; Light is Consciousness on FB/Instagram

ANDRÉA MELONE; Sound Healing/Breath work

WILL WEYER; Catalystic Artist & Explorer

MOHAMED IBRAHIM: Egyptology & Hieroglyphic Teacher, Tour Facilitator

Moments from last year’s expedition to Egypt (2021)

Highlights from our 2021 AXO Adventure Expedition

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2021 Live Orientation

This Broadcast is for anyone interested in the Egypt AXΩ VIRTUAL PASS, those who have already gotten one and ALSO those who will be joining the trip in Egypt. Robert Grant and Alan Green will give a short teaser presentation and you will meet the staff/faculty and hear a little about the big adventure!!