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Is the natural numbering system actually a Base-12 Integer System (and thus matching the chromatic musical scale)?

This new geometric relationship I found today relating ascending Polygrams with Circle Circumference lengths is very provocative indeed….Using 1 unit for each Polygram’s side length, a Circle ⭕️ connects uniquely to a Triangle. And using Scalar/Compass conversions (see prior posts), the Circumference of a circle circumscribed around a Triangle (the first ‘closing’ Polygon), is the new Number Phi-o….3.636 (Scalar conversions) and 3.660254 in decimal (Transverse). Whereas ONLY the Triangle (also the only Polygon that is also its Polygram) Touches the Circle and the Polygrams for 3,6, and 9 uniquely can only be drawn by lifting the pencil to draw each Triangle.

While the others can all be drawn without lifting the hand….. ✍️….the answer seems to sit in the Scalar and Transverse conversions of numbers between Sexagesimal and Decimal values….namely: Compass conversions….which might also explain the geometric relationship between all mathematical constants. 🧐