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“The Language of Light” is a six-part online lecture series from Robert Edward Grant for participants that have completed his Etymology of Number course. This advanced curriculum builds upon the concepts and numerical pattern methodologies described in the first elective in order to explore deeper discoveries in unified sciences, mathematics, music, art, consciousness, and spirituality.

The world is full of mysteries

From ancient symbols found all around the world, to historical discoveries of megastructures that appeared out of nowhere in the last century. Modern history has been ignoring the seemingly obvious connections between these findings, even though countless references made by some of the most respected philosophers and natural scientists Plato or Galileo Galilei point to the same clues that link these findings together.

There’s a deep connection hidden behind these mysteries and while some try to discredit them, their relevance has become more apparent than ever before. These mysteries have uncoincidentally become part of our collective consciousness, but trying to become an expert in all of the fields involved to uncover these connections, such as history, symbolism, ancient philosophy, etc… will open even more unanswered questions and hardly produce any answers at all.

This lecture series dives deeply to discover new mathematical constants, derived from prime number patterns and their interactive role with known constants in forming the universe of geometry embodied as a beautiful symphony of matter and life. This course attempts to unlock the mysteries of science and esoterica from a wholistic perspective, combining history and ancient sites, ageless symbology, polymathic philosophy, biology, musical theory, and alchemy.

We will also explore the practical application of these mathematical discoveries and how they can be utilized along with hertz EMGR (Electro-Magneto-Gravito-Radiativity) to better understand time, the Inverse Square Law, biology, DNA genotypic and phenotypic expression, vacuum energy, and matter transmutation.

If you are truly looking for answers to the unsolved mysteries of the universe,
you should begin with understanding the language of the universe:


If you’re ready to dive deeper into the fascinating world of unified sciences, mathematics, music, art, consciousness, and spirituality, then you won’t want to miss “The Language of Light” online lecture series from Robert Edward Grant. As a participant who has completed his Etymology of Number course, you already have a solid foundation in the concepts and numerical pattern methodologies that will be explored in this advanced curriculum.

What you’ll get in this Online Course

taught by Robert Edward Grant

• Explore deeper discoveries in unified sciences, math, music, art, consciousness, and spirituality

• Discover new mathematical constants derived from prime number patterns

• Examine the practical applications of these discoveries, such as understanding time and biology

• Combine history, ancient sites, symbology, philosophy, biology, musical theory, and alchemy

• Explore the connections between seemingly unrelated mysteries in science and esoterica

• Uncover the role of prime numbers in the universe of geometry

• Investigate the relationship between music and the universe

• Explore the concept of consciousness and its relationship to the universe

• Discuss the concept of the “golden ratio” and its significance in art and architecture

• Look at the role of symbols and their impact on human consciousness

• Examine the significance of ancient sites and how they relate to modern discoveries

• Provide a wholistic perspective on science and spirituality

• Explore the concept of energy and its relationship to matter

• Discuss the implications of these discoveries for the future of science and technology.

If you’re ready to take your understanding of unified sciences, math, art, music, consciousness, and spirituality to the next level, then “The Language of Light” is the course for you. Sign up today to discover new mathematical constants and explore the practical applications of these discoveries in understanding the mysteries of the universe.

Mathematics should be studied through its practical application to the real world!

This is how the greatest philosophers and mathematicians, who are no different from you, made the “unbelievable” discoveries that have led to the advancements in modern society today: Through Auto-Dictation!

You will actively engage with mathematical concepts by applying them to the real-world scenarios. By working on real problems, not only learn theoretical concepts of mathematics but also develop problem-solving, critical thinking, analytical, creativity, and innovation skills that are critical for success in the modern world.

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Robert Edward Grant

Robert is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author of PHILOMATH, prolific inventor, and author of several research- and patent-publications spanning biology, DNA combinatorics, number theory, geometry, and physics!

Robert has launched several successful corporate enterprises, some of which are based on his groundbreaking discoveries from his work in geometry and mathematics.

To this day, Robert has helped thousands of students develop a natural grasp of the inner workings of the universe by understanding some of the most complex theories in mathematics, geometry, and physics.

His manifold talents have aided Robert in discovering and solving some of the most complex problems in natural sciences by observing those from a different angle.

Robert Edward Grant

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