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I invite you to follow the Egypt 2021 AXΩ Expedition Adventure as a Virtual Explorer, from wherever in the world you are!

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to go to Egypt to experience what I have experienced and discovered there. It is like no other place on earth. It’s impossible to bring everyone along, hosting almost 100 people there is really challenging to say the least. So I decided to look for ways that more people could join in the life-altering adventures and experiences on our expeditions. I hope you can join this once-in-lifetime experience with us in October virtually….and eventually, I hope to see you in person on a future Egypt adventure.

Click HERE for details.

With your Virtual Pass, you will get to follow along LIVE from Oct. 18-29, 2021 on this extraordinary tour of exploration and discovery. It is an epic tour with private access to ancient sites otherwise off-bounds to the broader general public. Virtual Explorers will be able to join along online in a private Telegram Channel, Facebook Group and be there for didactic educational sessions with Robert and his incredible Guest Faculty team members.

You will see and experience the beauty of Ancient Egypt from a unique perspective straight from Robert Edward Grant and team and learn about the secrets and missing technologies of Ancient Egypt from Egyptologist Mohamed Ibrahim. They will explain the possibility that the Pyramids could be much older than previously believed, the possibility of the existence of the use of advanced technology in Ancient Egypt, and more!

Music in the Video: Licensed Credit: Title: The Pieces Are Moving Composer: Dream Cave