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The ‘Granthahedron’

Newly DISCOVERED Geometry (January 30, 2021)– The ‘Granthahedron’ : The World’s First (Known) Pentagonal Hexakaidecahedron. A Sixteen (16)-sided Polyhedron made up of 8 identical Irregular (Diamond-Shaped) and 8 Identical Regular Pentagons. (*NOTE: Recall that the planet Mercury’s Year–Solar Orbital Period–is 88 Earth Days). In Greek the technical name for this would be a Pentagonal Hexakaidecahedron (meaning 16 sides/faces).

I looked among all known three dimensional solids and could not find any records of this shape (including Johnson Solids, Archimedean, Catalan and Duals). I am also quite sure that this geometric structure will “close” also with the proper angles. As this solid matches my birthday 5.16 (16 Pentagonal (5) sides), I decided to name this one (the first of many yet unnamed geometric structures), the ‘Granthahedron’. It also possesses a sum of interior angles of 8,640° (recall that the Sun’s Diameter is 864K miles and we have 86,400 seconds in each (24 hour) day.

*Note, this new geometry was found using 8-point perspective (similar to the Gyrobicupola (not Metatron’s Cube) that I found using the same structure a few months ago. I wonder what else will be revealed in the coming days as new geometry seems to always be accompanied with new mathematical and physics related understandings of the Universe.

The ‘Enkehedron’

NEW DISCOVERY (LAST NIGHT 9-1-21): The ‘Enkehedron’: A NEW GEOMETRIC POLYTOPE comprised of REGULAR (equilateral) HEPTAGONS.

It’s made only of Regular Heptagons (16 of them), (14 squares), (4 Silver Ratio Rectangles) and (8 Isosceles Triangles). 42 total sides…..(divisible by 7). It’s Angular Sum is 22,320°…..and the square root of this is 149°23’…..1.4920 = The Newly Discovered Platinum Ratio….. derived from the Silver Ratio (2.4142) /Golden Ratio (1.61803) = 1.4920 (Platinum Ratio). So far, this new Polytope appears to be entirely novel to the research/geometric literature. This shape closely resembles that of a BRAIN 🧠. Interesting that the Granthahedron is shaped like a HEART and this one is shaped like a BRAIN 🧠. What shall we name this one??? The “Brain-a-Hedron”?

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