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The Platinum Ratio 1.492….

“All faces remain the same, it is only the perspective of our observation that changes” RG…..The Granthahedron’s natural Golden (1:1.618 in both regular and irregular pentagons) and Silver Ratios (1:2.4142 = (Root2)+1 in the Octagons formed when viewed from then top and bottom) together combining to form a Platinum Ratio = 2.4142 (1:Root2+1) / 1.61803 (1:1.618) = 1.492066037693547 (also derived as (2^.5)+1 / (1+(5^.5) / 2) and possesses 16 sides (half regular pentagons) and the other half are irregular pentagons, with an angular sum of 8,640° (the Sun’s Diameter in miles is ≈ 864,000. Bringing the Platinum ratio into our conscious awareness is a critical aspect of the Crown Chakra awakening and life experience activation.

Music: Prelude in E flat Major BMV 998 in 432.081hz Precise Temperament Tuning played by Jason Martineau