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(Today 7-17-21): ALTERNATIVE (NOVEL) METHOD to CONSTRUCT a HEPTADECAGON (17-Sided Polygon) using a Compass and Straight Edge (with no measurement), Using the recently decrypted Leonardo Da Vinci (Vitruvian Man) ‘Geometric Construction Box’. The HEPTADECAGON has 17 sides and is a Fermat Prime. Therefore, it is possible to construct using Compass and Straight Edge Only. However, the method requires A LOT of calculations and therefore VERY tedious.

The Da Vinci HEPTADECAGON Construction Method, by contrast, takes only about ten mins to construct successfully but requires the foreknowledge of the Vitruvian Man ‘Geometric Construction Box’ and it’s inherent line intersections. I believe that this knowledge was obtained by Da Vinci while attending the Egyptian Mystery School during his ‘Missing Years’ (from Florentine/Tuscany Historical Records) from 1482 until 1486 while he worked as an Engineer employed by the Sultan of “Babylon-Cairo” (the Mamlūk Sultan Qāytbāy) which draft letters to the Lieutenant of the Sultan (chronicling his journey and elements of his engineering engagement working for the Sultan) during this time period in Leonardo’s extensive Codex Atlanticus (compendium of his prodigious works).

I strongly believe that all polygons are now possible with the knowledge we now have…..