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The Constellation of Orion’s Belt Stars are well known to be associated with Osiris in the Egyptian Pantheon (Zeus in the Greek Pantheon, together forming ‘Serapis’ (God) in Ptolemaic Egypt) informing the placement of the Giza Plateau Pyramids: Khufu (The Great Pyramid), Khafre and Menkaure.
Including the Giza Plateau, these three belt stars are closely associated with at least two other Pyramid Complex constructions around the world including the Teotihuacan Plateau in Mexico as well the Pyramid complex in Xi’an, China. Last year, I found a close correspondence between the top three stars of the Leo Constellation (ε, μ, and ζ) pointing to a correlation between the enigmatic stars within the Salvator Mundi’s mysterious Crystal Orb (often associated with the Chintamani Stone of Philosopher’s Stone fame) of the Great Sphinx.
Earlier this year, @gabikovalenko sent our research team the recent discovery she made that the association of these three stars (The Shoulders and Head formed form the stars ‘Betelgeuse’, ‘Bellatrix’ and ‘Meissa’) of the orb also extend to the top three stars of the Orion Constellation. Her discovery was later confirmed by our research team. The Great Pyramid is already deeply associated with the Orion Constellation both in its Plateau placement which matches the Orion Constellation’s placement in approximately 10,000BC according to researcher Robert Bauval, and to the Apis Bull (‘Bull Mountain’). Isn’t it interesting that the hand reflection inside the Orb also appears to generally match the shape, coloration and Missing Pyramidion (think ‘Missing Eye of Horus’) of the Great Pyramid? This along with the Arris Edge Slope Angle (41.85°) of the Great Pyramid matching the embroidered ‘X’ on his raiment/clothing which points us to an inverted Pyramid structure including a King and Queen’s Chambers with a large Amber Stone at the King’s Chamber).


I will be presenting on this as well as MANY other encrypted clues this weekend (11.5-6.22–“The Divine Encryption”) at the GaiaSphere event in Boulder, CO, USA. You can register to see this seminar in-person or watch virtually, HERE.