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NEW GEOMETRIC DISCOVERY (Today, May 18th, 2024): Construction of a Perfect Pentagon WITHOUT measurement or a Golden Ratio Construction Box.

The Albrecht Dürer Pentagonal Construction is the most common way that geometers construct a Pentagon, HOWEVER, this Method FAILS to create the necessary and Equal Interior Angles of 108° required to qualify as a Regular Pentagon.

In the summer of 2021, I introduced a novel method to construct a Regular Pentagon but this method required the separate construction of a Golden Ratio Construction Box, a tedious exercise albeit, one that yields the desired, though admittedly time-consuming approach. I knew that there had to be a better and more elegant way….. (there are many approximations in only a few steps but all but one fail to achieve a perfect Pentagon proportions (Kepler).

This understanding, I felt, was critical to balancing the Heart Brain Consciousness as well as DNA activation, both of which integrate the HexaPentakis (Hexagon Pentagon relationship in nucleotide pairs for example). So, since mid 2021 I have been searching endlessly to become aware of this higher level perspective….but even I did not expect to find the answer in the Great Pyramid’s King’s Chamber proportions (2:1 Rectangle)….which also informs the Octave Interval in music theory….

Because we live in a matrix of mind, the only real limitations are the ones we persistently believe in. It only requires us to expand our awareness to start the new evolutionary path toward higher and higher consciousness. ‘New’ (to our awareness at least) geometry seems to always precede the major leaps forward in this evolution, it’s as if we need to become aware of the new source code to access the higher dimensional perception. Well, here goes….introducing the King’s Chamber method of perfect Pentagonal Construction.

…and interestingly, I was on a plane ✈️ again when I discovered it!