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I love being challenged because it tends to bring the best out of us. This version of the Icosidodecahedron brings out a new aspect. Rather than inscribing a Hexagon inside the outer most circle of Metatron’s ‘Time’ Tesseract, tonight I discovered that inscribing a Pentagon inside the outer circle also yields golden ratio proportions for the various inner constructions.

This Pentagonal construction is a simple and novel approach that also feels very divine. The method is in the video above.

So, it appears that Metatron’s Time Tesseract does inscribe all of the Platonic Solids after all, we just needed to apply the heart to the equation: The Pentagon.

Let us never forget it is the heart that is the key to heart-brain consciousness.

I would like to thank George Leoniak of Knew Geometry on YouTube for inspiring me to find the Metatronic Key whose answer was the heart (Pentagon) all along.