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Aubrey Marcus Podcast — with Robert Edward Grant

“Decoding the Mysteries of Antiquity for Our Age”

🔊 While in Austin for Dcentral & Consensus conferences, I sat down with Aubrey Marcus for an expansive conversation. Check out Decoding the Mysteries of Antiquity for Our Age  on Spotify.

Episode #370:
What if esoteric wisdom about the nature of consciousness and reality itself was encoded into ancient structures like the pyramids? This is no longer conjecture, as mathematical equations rule out the possibility of coincidence. Polymath Robert Edward Grant is a wealth of knowledge in a great many fields, and this conversation was truly mind-blowing on so many levels. You’ll learn about the hidden encryptions he has personally decoded from the pyramids in Egypt, and how the works of ancient polymaths like Leonardo da Vinci provide the codex to these mysteries. We also dive into the importance of returning to a multifaceted approach to learning, the age of miracles, Robert’s time with the Dalai Lama, and many more astounding mysteries that Robert has decoded.