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(TODAY 7.11.21): The (Perfect) Hendecagon Construction Method using only a Compass and Square (without Measurements), this previously IMPOSSIBLE TASK has now been accomplished…..using the SAME Leonardo Da Vinci ‘Construction Box’ (Square and Circle) from the Vitruvian Man, yet another newly revealed layer of masterful encryption through TIME, perfectly timed for 7.11…..the solution utilizes the same basic method as the Heptagon’s compass and square construction.

1.). Use the base length of the DaVinci Triangle as a radius (1 unit) to construct a circle with its center point at the base corner of the DaVinci Triangle.

2.). Connect a line segment from the center of the Da Vinci Circle to the bottom corner of the Da Vinci Triangle (note that this corner point is shared with the bottom corner of the Da Vinci square).

3.). The point where the diagonal line segment intersects the circle with 1 unit as its radius and ratio (versus 1 unit) of the ratio required to make the Hendecagon sides. Use the base of the Da Vinci triangle as the Radius of the central circle of to construct the Hendecagon. Use the smaller line segment from the previous step to construct each line segment of the Hendecagon by making 11 compass circles with this exact radius length (A NON MEASURED RATIO versus 1 (units ascribed to the Right Triangle Base) = .56346511291812).

I used Geogebra (software) to confirm all the astounding 15 decimal digit accuracy this method reveals (images below). This completes the Perfect Hendecagon using only a compass and a straight edge. One nagging question remains…..Exactly how far ahead of his time was Leonardo? And is it a pure coincidence that the Great Pyramid’s proportional dimensions embed the 7:11 Divine ratio….

Why does it seem like this is really only the beginning…..