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NEW DISCOVERY: The 24 Note Quartertone Relationship to Ancient Pyramids.

I presented the musical interval relationship to the Giza Plateau over the weekend at the 12th Annual CPAK (Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge). I was very surprised at the overwhelmingly positive response I received from experts in the field of Ancient Civilizations and Knowledge. Today, I extended this analysis to include the 24 Note Quartertone Chromatic Scale/Intervals based upon 432.081hz and 528.099hz Precise Temperament Tuning approaches that combine into ONE 24 Note Scale. As a result, I discovered that one of the intervals 11/9 (also 528/432 = 1.2222: ‘Divine Major 2.5th’) matches precisely the ‘Giza Plateau Perimeter’ (Rectangular Height/Base) as well as the Abu Rawash Djed (efre) Pyramid intervals creating its Equilateral Triangle Proportions (and 60° Slope Angle).

As you will note, there are many missing positions (?)….these could either be missing or lost pyramid structures still yet to be found, or alternatively, related to the ground dimensions of the complexes that pertain to the adjacent (and confirmed) Pyramid slope angle matches.

(‘Swipe’ photos include conversations (regarding the above) with Graham Hancock, Chris Dunn and group photos with the faculty present at the conference).

*NOTE: I have referred to the New Precise Temperament Tuning Intervals (Green) as “Divine Major and Minor (Half-Step) Intervals in the above.

**NOTE: Using a 24 Note Quartertone Scale NATURALLY ALLOWS for the Pentatonic (and other Indigenous Cultures around the world) Musical Scales used across the Near and Far East and globally 🌍 whereas the current 12 Semitone Scale Does NOT.