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“What would it be like if Leonardo Da Vinci got to talk with someone who remembered the whole sacred history of the cosmos? This. Always looking for clues and patterns to help decipher the Mystery, polymath Robert Edward Grant joins the human memory bank Matias De Stefano who is best known as someone who remembers all of his past lives and everything that happened in between.

We have clues that have been left for us from ancient civilizations about how to navigate these wartorn waters, in a different way through remembering who we are and learn from the mistakes made by ancient advanced civilizations. If we are able to restore our own wholeness by decoding these clues, and understanding the matrix, we will be able to follow initiatic paths that can serve humanity on an individual and collective level.

We also decode and retranslate the myth of the Philosopher’s Stone, one of the most mysterious and important guiding stories of our time. This drives us into discussions about Arthurian legend, twin flames, our original trauma, and the importance of Divine Play.

I hope you all enjoy this once in a lifetime special conversation” – Aubrey Marcus