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Robert Edward Grant introduces the new ORION Messenger, a quantum-secure messaging app that empowers sovereign communities through free speech.

ORION is the only platform allowing for large encrypted group chat and social media communications in an unmonitored and uncensorable environment.

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We’re living in a world where our data is an extension of who we are, so it must be protected and its value reclaimed by you, its rightful owner. The evolution of boundary conditions and borders is happening at a rapid pace, primarily due to the accelerated evolution of the digital space. We believe that boundary conditions for new sovereign communities will be based on quantum-secure encryption.

Within those communities, new economies will emerge; and within those economies will be money systems – barter, trade, collective bargaining – everything we see in functioning economic systems. We see content creators and influencers as pioneers – leaders of microeconomics, and we envision Orion as the platform that will support these decentralized sovereign communities in creating their own mechanisms of economy, able to interact with each other and not have to worry about censorship from a centralized function.

We’ve built and continue to develop solutions and applications driven by our mission of Personal Data Sovereignty rooted in our Data Bill of Rights and will continue to advance with new features and tools to meet the demands of the evolving digital world.

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