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Robert Edward Grant Think Tank

Think Tank: The Robert Edward Grant Podcast with Teal Swan

Robert and Teal Swan bring their conversation towards enlightenment.


In this episode of the Robert Edward Grant Think Tank, Robert and spiritual teacher Teal Swan explore the topics of human consciousness, Teal’s personal experiences within the FLDS sect of Mormonism, and the dynamics of male and female relationships.

Teal Swan opens up about her journey, focusing on her experiences within the FLDS sect, the cultural and psychological impacts of these experiences, and the contradictions and challenges within FLDS culture, particularly regarding money and sexuality. The conversation also touches on the growing number of individuals reassessing their involvement with the FLDS.

Robert and Teal delve into the complexities of male and female relationships. Teal Swan emphasizes the importance of women making space for men in their lives while also highlighting the critical role of men in understanding and addressing women’s fears and providing security and reassurance. She discusses the paradox effect in relationships, where a secure bond leads to greater autonomy for both partners. The conversation also addresses how changes in one partner often mirror shifts in the other and stresses the need for mutual understanding and respect in communicating across gender lines, underscoring the importance of acknowledging each other’s emotional and psychological needs.

This episode offers a mix of personal stories, psychological insights, and spiritual wisdom, providing listeners with a more profound understanding of themselves and their relationships. It’s a thought-provoking discussion that challenges conventional beliefs and offers insights into the journey toward self-awareness and personal growth.

About our featured guest:

Teal Swan, born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a spiritual leader and transformative figure dedicated to helping people confront and heal from human suffering to lead authentic, empowered lives. As the creator of the “Ask Teal” YouTube series and author of six internationally published books, she is also known for her hundreds of frequency paintings. Swan founded the HEADWAY FOUNDATION to support ventures promoting positive world change.

Born with extrasensory abilities, Swan’s challenging experiences with abuse have shaped her understanding of human suffering and healing. Her teachings focus on confronting harsh truths for genuine awakening rather than just seeking comfort. She emphasizes the importance of facing reality, even when uncomfortable, to empower change and healing.

Swan’s approach is not for those seeking mere comfort but for individuals committed to exploring deep truths, even if painful, to awaken and heal. Her mission is to bring awareness and healing, guiding people through their spiritual and self-help journeys by confronting the reality of their situations. Swan travels globally, teaching about the universe and self-awareness, promoting profound and meaningful transformations.

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