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Robert Edward Grant Think Tank

Think Tank: The Robert Edward Grant Podcast with Dr. Zach Bush

Robert and Dr. Zach Bush navigate into topics of spirituality, interconnectedness, the impact of consciousness, and personal experiences on worldview.


In this episode, Robert and Zach Bush, MD, engage in a thought-provoking conversation, greatly influenced by their recent trip to Egypt. The initial part of their dialogue covers a wide range of topics, including spirituality, interconnectedness, the impact of consciousness and personal experiences on worldview, and the exploration of ancient and mythical sites like Atlantis. They also discuss self-discovery and the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, emphasizing the deep connection between humans, nature, and the environment.

Zach shares a significant moment from their journey in Egypt, elaborating on these themes, specifically in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This experience, notable for its blend of humor in a revered setting, underscored the value of finding joy in sacred moments. This was particularly meaningful for those in the group visiting Egypt for the first time.

Further into the podcast, Zach reflects on his professional background as a hospice doctor. He talks about witnessing the human body’s incredible ability to heal when freed from an overload of medications. These observations provide a critical perspective on the overuse of pharmaceuticals in modern healthcare, highlighting its limitations and adverse effects.

Zach also discusses his extensive research in soil science. Over the past ten years, his lab has been investigating how nature can process and mitigate the accumulated human trauma of the last century. His findings reveal nature’s remarkable resilience and capability to undergo significant genetic changes, indicating a profound potential for ecological and biological rebalancing under the right circumstances.

About our featured guest:

Dr. Zach Bush, an esteemed physician with expertise in internal medicine, endocrinology, and hospice care, is globally recognized as an educator and a visionary leader in understanding the microbiome’s impact on health, disease, and our food systems. He is the founder of Seraphic Group and the non-profit organization Farmer’s Footprint, where he dedicates his efforts to creating foundational solutions for both human well-being and ecological sustainability.

Dr. Bush’s educational endeavors span a wide array of subjects, including the influence of soil and water ecosystems on human genomics, immunity, and the interplay between gut health and brain function. His teachings underscore the urgency of moving away from chemical-dependent agriculture and pharmaceuticals. Through his ongoing work, Dr. Bush is forging a new pathway that encourages collaboration among consumers, farmers, and major industries, aiming to secure a healthier future for both humanity and the planet.

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