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Think Tank: The Robert Edward Grant Podcast with Alan Green

Alan Green joins Robert delving into the beginnings of their friendship and collaborative journey, which was sparked by a shared interest in the mystical.


In this episode, Robert is joined by Alan Green, a polymath with music, literature, and Shakespeare expertise. Their dialogue delves into their friendship and collaborative journey, which was sparked by a shared interest in the mystical and grew over six years into a deep exploration of universal mysteries and consciousness expansion.

They discuss key moments and discoveries, including decoding ancient texts, exploring the fine structure constant, and adventures that have taken them from Egypt to meetings with the Dalai Lama, alongside breakthroughs in Shakespeare studies and the Great Pyramid.

More than an exchange of ideas, this episode celebrates the strength of collaboration in seeking understanding. Robert and Alan encourage viewers to consider life’s interconnectedness, the power of intuition, and the potential unlocked by embracing the unknown. Their discussion highlights their growth and findings and motivates others to pursue their paths of insight and awakening.

Alan Green

About our featured guest:

Alan Green is a British polymath with diverse interests, including pianism, composition, literature, and Shakespearean scholarship. In the 1980s, he succeeded greatly in the music industry, becoming a top thirty artist with CBS and Arista Records. He also wrote notable works on The Monkees and served as musical director for Davy Jones. However, his interests took a dramatic turn towards exploring ancient wisdom, which seems incongruous with his musical background. Despite this, his extensive training in classical and jazz has given him a keen eye for detecting hidden patterns often overlooked by mainstream academia.

Alan has been deciphering cryptic messages within Shakespeare’s works for the past nineteen years. Many have found parts of the puzzle, but Alan is the only one who has decoded the whole inherent in the elusive codes, revealing a clandestine truth that has remained undiscovered for four centuries. This truth redefines our understanding of Shakespeare’s identity and exposes a scandalous royal secret that requires a cover-up. Notably, he has identified the exact location where Shakespeare hinted at leaving tangible evidence and carried out a daring heist to secure incontrovertible scientific proof via radar scans.

Alan’s groundbreaking insights extend beyond academia and into mainstream media through his Gaia TV series, “Shakespeare Decoded.” He offers a glimpse into an uncharted dimension of the esteemed playwright’s legacy using this platform and his online Bard Code presentations. His revelation is poised to catalyze a paradigm shift in the study of literature, history, religion, science, and beyond, fundamentally reshaping our understanding of one of the world’s most celebrated literary figures.

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