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Robert Edward Grant Think Tank

Think Tank: The Robert Edward Grant Podcast with Jason Shurka

Robert and Jason delve into scalar waves and their potential applications in health and healing.


In this discussion, Robert Edward Grant and Jason Shurka, a dedicated spiritual guide from Long Island, New York, delve into scalar waves and their potential applications in health and healing. Jason, who transitioned from a successful real estate career to philanthropy, founded UNIFYD World, a visionary organization to expand collective consciousness and promote holistic wellness. They examine the interplay between energy, frequency, and vibration, emphasizing how these elements can enhance the body’s natural healing capabilities. The conversation underscores the significance of grasping the fundamental laws of creation and the influence of consciousness in the healing journey. They highlight the necessity of fostering a coherent, energetic environment conducive to health and explore the role of scalar waves in supporting this environment. Additionally, the dialogue addresses the concept of energetic balance and its importance in maintaining health. They critique the limitations of traditional reductionist medicine and advocate for holistic approaches that encompass the full spectrum of energy influences. The Energy Enhancement System is introduced as a technology designed to harmonize energy across a broad range, from the speed of perception to infinity and from zero to the speed of light. Testimonials are shared to underscore the system’s beneficial effects on various health conditions. Furthermore, the conversation expands to include consciousness, oneness, and the Middle East conflict, stressing the critical need for unity and understanding.

About our featured guest:

Jason Shurka, a dedicated spiritual guide based in Long Island, New York, is fervently committed to helping individuals unlock their boundless potential through the transformative power of the mind. Transitioning from a successful career in real estate to philanthropy, Jason founded UNIFYD World, a visionary organization focused on expanding collective consciousness and promoting holistic wellness.

At the heart of UNIFYD World lies UNIFYD Healing, a pioneering initiative to democratize access to alternative wellness solutions through the innovative Energy Enhancement System (EESystem). Jason’s vision extends beyond borders, with over 200 wellness centers already operational worldwide, and plans for an additional 500 centers by 2025.

In addition to his leadership role, Jason is a prolific author. He has penned insightful works such as “Rays of Knowledge: Sacred Knowledge Revealed,” “The Language of Energy,” and “Forming the Formless: Accessing and Elevating Your Spirit and Soul Hardcover.” His writings delve into profound spiritual concepts and empower readers to embark on transformative journeys.

Moreover, UNIFYD TV, a platform boasting hundreds of exclusive films, series, and documentaries, offers thought-provoking content on topics often overlooked by mainstream media services. From exploring the truth about UFOs & Alien Life to uncovering the secrets of clandestine organizations, UNIFYD TV seeks to shed light on important subjects that often go ignored. As a worldwide non-profit organization, UNIFYD World’s mission is to spread awareness and unite people across the globe. Through strategic partnerships, impactful initiatives, and a commitment to fostering collective healing and empowerment, Jason Shurka and UNIFYD World inspire positive change on a global scale, inviting individuals from all walks of life to join them on this transformative journey toward personal and collective growth.

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