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Think Tank: The Robert Edward Grant Podcast with Aaron Abke

Robert and Aaron set forth into a conversation that traverses Aaron’s evolution, including his passion for music’s spiritual and mathematical qualities, which aligns with his broader spiritual search.


Aaron Abke, a spiritual teacher with a unique journey from Christianity to expansive spirituality, shares his insights on the Think Tank Podcast. As a pastor’s son, Aaron’s shift was driven by his profound connection to Jesus and the discord between his beliefs and church teachings. Their conversation traverses Aaron’s evolution, including his passion for music’s spiritual and mathematical qualities, which aligns with his broader spiritual search.

The dialogue critically examines the Apostle Paul’s impact on Christianity, arguing it veers away from Jesus’s direct teachings to a faith-centric doctrine. It ventures into the historical backdrop of early Christianity, the Essenes’ role, and Jesus’s formative years, which were potentially spent learning from diverse traditions in India and Tibet. This exploration aims to rediscover Jesus’s authentic teachings and the roots of Christian doctrine.

As the discussion broadens, Robert and Aaron engage in deep talks on spirituality, the cosmos, and the cyclic patterns of history, considering the possibility of a global shift towards greater unity and compassion. By stressing love and non-judgment, they navigate the complexities of contemporary life, offering a profound reflection on spirituality, historical understanding, and human capacity for growth.

Aaron Abke

About our featured guest:

Now a devoted spiritual teacher, Aaron Abke dedicates his life to guiding others to higher consciousness. His transformative journey began as an evangelical pastor’s son who deeply desired to follow in his father’s footsteps. This led him to Oral Roberts University to study Music and Theology. However, his new church’s clash with fundamentalist teachings spurred a profound spiritual reevaluation.

Seeking deeper authenticity, he explored Eastern philosophies, notably Hinduism and Buddhism, marking a significant shift in his quest for truth. Despite his success as a fitness model and personal trainer, a profound spiritual awakening, influenced by Eckhart Tolle, revealed the essence of pure consciousness to him. This experience reshaped his mission, turning him towards spiritual education.

Utilizing YouTube, he shared his insights, particularly on “The Law of One,” quickly resonating with a wide audience and establishing himself as a trusted spiritual guide. A subsequent Kundalini awakening deepened his spiritual practice and understanding, further committing him to support others in their journey toward enlightenment and awareness.

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