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Robert Edward Grant Think Tank

Think Tank: The Robert Edward Grant Podcast with Peter Crone

Robert and Peter speak on transcending the illusion of limitations and discovering one’s divine nature.


In this enlightening episode of Think Tank, Robert sits down with the renowned mind architect Peter Crone. Peter shares his transformative insights on transcending the illusion of limitations and discovering one’s divine nature. Dive deep into a conversation that explores the concept of victimhood, the importance of self-love, and the profound journey of self-discovery. Peter recounts his personal experiences, from his challenging childhood to his unique perspective on life’s trials, providing listeners with a fresh lens to view their struggles and triumphs. Whether seeking to break free from self-imposed constraints or simply curious about the deeper aspects of human existence, this episode promises to inspire and empower. Take advantage of this journey toward greater freedom and self-awareness

About our featured guest:

Peter Crone, a native of England, excelled academically to earn his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with honors. Following his impressive academic achievements, he ventured to the United States, where he dedicated over five years as a personal trainer to some of Hollywood’s elite. Today, Peter is renowned globally as a mind/body wellness coach, spiritual guide, and an authority in life transformation.

His clientele is diverse, from professional athletes and royalty to celebrities, CEOs, and everyday individuals. Peter employs a comprehensive approach that integrates the mind, body, and spirit, guided by his company’s ethos of “spiritual freedom, mental peace, and physical vitality.” In physical wellness, his expertise is unparalleled, rooted in a deep understanding of Ayurveda, human biology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and anatomy.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Peter is deeply engaged in the arts as a writer, photographer, and artist and is an adept athlete. In his leisure, he sharpens his golf skills with aspirations for the PGA Senior Tour. He is currently authoring a book series to empower others to unveil their authentic selves and cultivate a life of passion and fulfillment. Peter epitomizes the essence of a modern Renaissance man, distinguished by his wit, expansive heart, and compassionate spirit.

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