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NEW DISCOVERY: The Geometric Eye 👁 of Prime Factorization.

The Sum and the Product of two prime number (integers) x;y will always create a Right Triangle wherein the Proportions of said Right Triangle inform the ‘parental’ values for x;y in two ways:

1.). Hypotenuse +/- 1/2 Base. And,

2.). The Vesica Piscis formed from the Hypotenuse as a Diameter Value for the construction of two overlapping circles and the Circumscribed Circle around these overlapping Circles. The Diameter of this new outer circle is the ‘x’ value (Prime Factor 1). Likewise, a Circle Inscribed within said Vesica Piscis will possess a Diameter of the ‘y’ value (Prime Factor 2). This is true for ALL Quasi-Prime Factorizations.