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The Great Pyramid (Face) Triangles the Circle (Area Matching) AND Squares the Circle (Perimeter-Circumference Matching). All measurements above are in Egyptian Long Cubits (1:1.75 ft).

With a 432 Long Cubit Base, the Center of the Great Pyramid is 137.50987 Long Cubits from the Ground level, which is also the precise Diameter of a Circular Circumference of 432 Long Cubits. Meanwhile, using the precise height of the Great Pyramid (275.019741) as a Circular Diameter, the Circumference of said Circle is 864 (432 x 2). Furthermore, the Perimeter of the Great Pyramid (Face) is 1,131.4 Long Cubits (≈360π).

Additionally, 137.50987° is approximately the Golden Angle (A°) and this radius value illuminates the precise location of the hidden chamber revealed in the Scan Pyramid Project and in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (Horizontal Line Marking at the Throat (Chakra)): situated directly under the Pyramid’s Apex and at a slightly higher elevation than the King’s Chamber (Relieving Chambers) (137.50987 Long Cubits (240.642 ft) from the Ground Level.