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“In today’s podcast, we were honored to speak with ROBERT EDWARD GRANT As a prolific entrepreneur, Robert Edward Grant has founded and co-founded numerous companies. His entrepreneurial ventures include Strathspey Crown LLC, Evolus Inc., AEON BioPharma Inc., Alphaeon Credit Inc., AccessElite Corp, Ceyeber Corp, Crown Sterling Ltd LLC, and Theon Technology LLC. In recent years, Robert has focused his expertise on number theory, mathematical physics, geometry, cryptography, and blockchain cryptocurrencies. You may recognize him from the Gaia show, Code X. Topics that we discussed: – Robert’s life journey – How to transcend the limitations of our normal consciousness to unveil these profound discoveries and connections? – His best Meditation practice – Do we have free will? or are we predestined to a certain life pattern? – Which geometric shape stands out among the rest in terms of its inherent energy or influence? – What is Life? – Who created everything? – Are we living in a video game simulation? – Augmented reality – Synchronicities – The meaning behind repetitive numbers that have a more complex pattern &/or broken-down sequences -The most mystical experience Robert had when visiting a sacred site. – If he could leave only one message to the world, what would that be?” – The Divine Quantum