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The Results are in!
The Results are IN! I used the precision of Geogebra (the black numbers below) to confirm the new discovery from yesterday regarding the Tube Torus and its Inter-relationship with Fundamental Mathematical Constants: ABSOLUTELY PERFECT ACCURACY to an ASTOUNDING 17 decimal positions!!!

The Tube Torus Wave Patterns Reveal the Inter-Relationships Between the Fundamental Mathematical Constants and Proportional Square Root Values (and Geometric Proportionality) based solely (thus far anyway) on their natural wave intersections in a Mod 24 Toroidal configuration (don’t forget that the Prime and Quasi Prime Patterns are based on a Mod 24 spiral). Very excited to confirm these values/precise relationships using Geogebra’s 17 decimal digit accuracy. The horizontal line at the base of the circle defines the precise proportions of a Flower of Life ‘ruler’ 📏, based on wave intersections (where two or more circles overlap marks the location of a perpendicular line (see small colored-coded transparent circles linked to math constants of the same hue above) defining exact square root values as well as the proportional location of fundamental irrational numbers including π, e, Euler Mascheroni, φ and possibly even a means to derive α–The Fine Structure Constant–I believe Alpha to be actually derived based on the following equation {((3^.5)-1)-1/432)}*10^-2 = .00729735 (8 decimal digits accuracy for measured Alpha–the above wave patterns only seem to confirm this given all the relationships to (3^.5)-1 as well as .864…..And didn’t Stephen Hawking publicly state (before he died) that a viable Theory of Everything must also define and illustrate the inter relationships inherent between the mathematical constants (for example dimensionless constants including π, e , φ as well as the Fine Structure (α) as well as C (light speed) one to another? If so, then this finding may open a major doorway for much new discovery across many fields….and very likely the discovery of many new (and fundamental) Mathematical Constants….