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…What is that Ω-shaped ‘shackle’ floating on what appears to be a chain on the left side of the Da Vinci Masterpiece, The Mona Lisa (La Joconde and Mona Lisa are the French spellings in the Louvre where it resides)? What is the faint outline of the open/”broken” shackle hanging off the Vitruvian Man’s right wrist ‘cuff’ (to note, there is no ‘cuff’ on his left hand)?
Might these two seemingly disparate artifacts somehow be connected as part of a larger hidden message?
When we place the width proportion of the Mona Lisa inside the precise proportions of the Vitruvian Man’s Square, the Vitruvian Man’s Circle PERFECTLY inscribes the Mona Lisa’s Crown (of her head). What’s more, the floating Ω-shaped shackle lands PERFECTLY over the Vitruvian Man’s right wrist….like a key 🔑 fitting a lock 🔒….
It appears that Leonardo, who famously encrypted all of his Masterpiece works after 1486 (starting with the Vitruvian Man in 1487), has hidden a larger “MOSAIC Encryption” across at least these two of his most iconic works. Begging the question: What else will we find when we overlay more of his works in a similar manner?