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The Deep Dive Podcast with Adam Roa & Robert Edward Grant: Who Built The Pyramids, And Why?

What do we actually know about our own history?

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For many years, the subject of our ancient cultures and their societal structures has fascinated me. What is interesting to me isn’t necessarily what we know about these people and these times, but what we don’t know that has been locked away in the pages of time and how this knowledge might actually change the way we live today. In 2017 I was invited to join a group of thought leaders, scientists, and evolutionary thinkers, to explore one of the world’s most impressive and mysterious wonders; the pyramids of Egypt. To say this experience was enlightening and inspiring would be an understatement, and though it taught me so much about this place and these amazing structures it also left me with many questions; and with one question in particular that continues to stand out.

Who built the pyramids, and why?

On this week’s episode I was joined by Robert Grant, who among his detailed resume as a CEO, President, and Chairman of multiple companies and projects; is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Crown Sterling Limited LLC, a next-generation Cryptography company based on discoveries from his work in geometry and mathematics. I met Robert on that same trip to Egypt and this week wanted to talk with him about the experience, what it has taught him and how it has changed his life, and a little about an exciting adventure that we are about to embark on in the near future to see what more we can discover about the ancient wonders that are the pyramids of Egypt.

Listen Now: HERE