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The current educational system requires a complete reset/overhaul starting with how we are taught separate subjects (for example: “math/geometry is separate from the natural sciences which are distinguished from art and wholly unrelated to music; having nothing to do with language whatsoever”)….when in fact Math/geometry is a musically and visually artistic language that is the basis of all the natural sciences and the entire Universe. But why (you say) have they done it? Answer: These subjects have been separated in order to erase any potential perception of an “architect”, a “higher consciousness” or even a “creator”. We are taught that we don’t “matter”–neither does any other single cell or multi cell organism on our planet for that matter. In academia’s unbridled desire to preach its dogma of biological “insignificance” and absolute atheism, to worship the almighty Scientific Method and narrow perspectives dependent on a ‘Doctrine of Materialism,’ they have attempted to entirely remove any ‘purpose’ or significance to mankind’s ultimate existence. This is why academia preaches and teaches (yes, in that order) hyper-specialized separation in education disciplines because any interconnection between them implies a creator, architect, significance and even a purpose for mankind.

So we have replaced connection and purpose with ROTE-memorization, hyper-specialization, compliance and ‘exceptional’ mediocrity. And Hyper-specialization serves two purposes: 1). It sustains an educational Oligarchy of status-rich individuals who are the self-appointed arbiters of scientific Truth within their speciality calling their self-interested judgements “Ethical Science”; and 2) Upholding our economy which depends on time-based pursuits and ‘Adam Smith’ specialization to continue efficiently. Our sole purpose: to become an effective COG in the wheel of the economy. And without connection, the current educational system has no ultimate purpose and therefore fails to answer any of life’s most significant questions. Instead, it has become highly effective at sustaining the scarcity-based übercapitalistic leviathan that has continued to enslave humanity and which long-ago replaced our dreams and ideals with mindless hourly labor and fractional mortgage lending. In other words, today we work to sustain this anachronistic structure and ‘neo-theology’ our entire lives for the benefit of this broken system…..silently paying taxes every year,…..only to eventually die, and then pay taxes again.–The Orwellian dystopia where we find ourselves today perhaps? Human beings as automatons working to benefit a minority few kept ‘distracted’ and ‘nourished’ by the mindless digital candy of Tik-Tok and now Reels…. In contrast, the polymaths who made the major discoveries that became the basis of today’s scientific and mathematical curriculae did so through interconnected multidisciplinary analysis in an attempt to answer life’s most profound questions.

They wanted to understand their Creator and the intelligent design of its Universal architecture. And yet, this is precisely why our educational system so badly fails today. We are no longer taught or encouraged to question or think at all. The search for meaning and purpose has been all but “cancelled” in our “Cancel Culture”. In fact, we have largely forgotten how to question or think (at all) as our curiosity was literally erased and expunged, along with our creativity in our most formative years: the veritable commencement of our ‘anti-learning’ matriculation. And the result: Society is completely CONFUSED, DIVIDED and DISTRACTED: a mass populace working for the government and a system that no longer serves.