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I participated in the filming of Thrive II in 2018 and am very excited about its upcoming World Premier later this year. I strongly believe It is time for a global transformation–we all feel something is different–the winds of change are most definitely upon us. It is time for us to let go of the past paradigms that may still have some grip and /or continue to cling to us; those habits, judgements and conditioning/s that no longer serve us or humanity. A time for us to embrace the realization that the hurt of any one person is ultimately the hurt of all. For the past several thousand years, humanity has had to focus on ‘survival’ in a ‘Darwinian’ scarcity-based reality that all too often has operated on the perception of lack, scarcity, ‘brute-force’ and ‘Zero-Sum’. BUT, we need not tear down or attempt to ‘cancel’ the past or seek to rewrite any history–as this would only serve to continue the cycle that is the veritable source of our fatigue. Rather, to transmute the past and heal from it, we must only forgive and accept it. Now is the time that we choose to participate in the new abundant future ahead of us in both acceptance and love or alternatively decide to remain in the very familiar ‘spin cycles’ of the past –in judgement, fear, and self-loathing, riding on seemingly endless roller coasters of repetition. Isn’t it time for us to move beyond our survival-oriented past and expand to a new level of consciousness, advancing to a future where we can and will THRIVE together?

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