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Continuing our ongoing work on ‘The Real Da Vinci Code’, I am very excited to be leading a small expedition team to Egypt later this month (February 23-March 1) for an unprecedented access-adventure inside the Great Pyramid (Khufu), Khafre, Menkaure, The Shaft of Osiris, The Sphinx, Dashur, Saqqara, (just to name a few) for ‘Egypt 2020’ (AXΩ). Our daily didactic briefings and lectures are led by the incredible Resonance Science Foundation faculty (and guests) including the inimitable Alan Green (Bardcode), Talal Ghannam, Adam Apollo, Jamie Janover and Robyn Davis. We are also joined by several top Egyptologists and Hieroglyphics Experts.

My experiences in Egypt have truly had an indelible impact on my entire life. Indeed, these experiences have even altered the way I perceive daily life and interactions with others. We will be live-streaming and video-chronicling our journey through each day of our week long expedition, including didactic sessions, late night campfire integration discussions, onsite explorations and even including our expeditions that in some cases extend deep underground.

If you would like to obtaining Virtual Online Access to our Egypt 2020 Expedition click here.

In summary, my last trip to the Great Pyramid included the discovery of the ALPHA and OMEGA debossed markings (believed by some to have been left by the builders themselves) on the rim of the Rose Granite Sarcophagus located inside the King’s Chamber. This time, we have spent countless hours studying/investigating the sites and elaborate encryptions spanning three continents (and many millenia) in preparation for this Expedition and we are ready for our next Egypt ‘leveling-up’ and all that it entails.

So….. What do you think we might uncover/find this time around?