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Time is a fractal of consciousness. It is measured using the sexigesimal (Base 60) system. The system is intended to be used with a Directional Compass, the ‘extended’ Clock required to understand its fractals. The Directional Compass possesses 360 degrees (like any circle) and has 60 minutes for each degree and 60 seconds for each minute. Therefore, 360x60x60. The ‘Extended’ Clock has 360 degrees, 21,600 minutes and 1,296,000 seconds.
The above separations create demarcations of TIME-Space. The Compass has been used to orient us in Space for thousands of years. Historically, we credit the Chinese with the usage of the first rudimentary compass, however, the mathematical system of its creation clearly far predates this (at least as far as our most ancient recorded civilization: The Sumerians).
Using the Compass to track time reveals very fundamental and interesting points of knowledge related to our perception of TIME, per the following:

1. Each turn of the cycle represents 15 Days or approximately half of a Month (“Moonth”). This is therefore representative of a Sine-Cosine relationship for each Month.

2. One day is represented by 24 hours (12 Hours (Horus) for Day and 12 for Night).

3. One year is 24 1/3 turns of the Compass: 365 days. It takes three years to complete a “meta” cycle (where there is no remaining fraction toward completion). Therefore one “Meta” cycle of the Compass of Time is 73 Fifteen Day cycles. (Incidentally, 73 is an up fractal of the Fine Structure Constant: 0.00729735 with a reciprocal value of 137.03599). Additionally, there are 292 cycles in 12 years (or 4 completions of the “Meta” cycles referenced above.

Artwork by REG