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Isomorphic Conversion Compass: Metric Meter-(Degree°/Minute’/Second”)-Imperial Feet all INHERENT to the Compass! It is well known that the Royal Egyptian Cubit is = π/6 (=.5236 Meters). So, to locate its degree reference, we multiply it by 360° = 188.496°. Next, subtract this number to find its Quaternion Reflection value = 171.504°. Then, convert this number into its Compass Sexagesimal Conversion value: 171°84’00”. This stands out because the Foot Measurement of the RE Cubit is 1.718 Feet. 🔔 Ding Ding! Could the Compass be a conversion chart for the Ancient Units of Measure including the Imperial (Foot), RE Cubit, and the Metric (Meter)? Using 1 Meter as the Circumference of the Circle, 1cm = 3.6°; = 216′ (Minutes), and = 12,960″ (Seconds). From the aforementioned, the conversion implied is 20.616 inches = 171°84’00”. Therefore, One (1) Inch = 8.3333°; 500′ (Minutes); and 30,000″ (Seconds).

Now, (measured in Degrees°) what is the conversion sexagesimal ratio between 1cm and 1inch? None other than 0.432! This perfectly matches the Hexapentakis (Second”) Points on a Compass: 43,200″, with each next (HexPent) Second value a perfect multiple of 43,200″! (Swipe for details)…..This also matches the recent Flower of Life Discovery that each Intersection of ‘FOL’ Circles uniformly creates Right Triangles, revealing that the Hypotenuse to Height ratio is ONLY a multiple of 1/432: (1+(x/432)).

It appears that another CONVERGENCE is also now taking new shape….The RE Cubit appears to be the veritable NEXUS between BOTH Decimal (π & φ) Transverse Electromagnetic Circular/Spiral Waves of Radiation, Light, Linear Distance-Space)–Defining Side A of a Right Triangle. The Imperial Scalar/Square (e & A°) Compression Waves of Gravitation and Sound) defining Side B of a Right Triangle. All while the RE Cubit anchors the combination of both Metrologies and informing the Hypotenuse (Side C of the Right Triangle): Defining TIME-Space itself (432 = T) and connecting the ratios of the constants to our experience and SpaceTime memory.