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The Leonardo Da Vinci Geometric Construction Box provides the solution to the Cube of Delos Problem: Doubling the Volume of a given Cube using only a Compass and a Straight Edge. This solution is perhaps Da Vinci’s most simple and elegant proportion emerging from the inherent lines of the Vitruvian Man (Encrypted) Masterpiece. The (Base Side/2) of the Da Vinci Square is 1 “unit” in length. Therefore, extending from the Center (Navel) up to the upper right Corner of the Square will be a length of the Cubed Root of 2 (=1.25992100498948….).

This provides the ratio necessary to successfully double the volume of a cube using ONLY a compass and straight edge without any measurement markings. Since the Cubed Root of 2 = 1.26, is this perhaps the reason Leonardo placed the numbers 126 at the top right corner (as if as a page number even though it wasn’t part of a Book!) of the Vitruvian Man Masterpiece?