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(Today 8.8.21): The Back Panel of the ‘Mona Lisa’ (by Leonardo Da Vinci) CONTAINS ENCRYPTED Symbology: T (See the conspicuously placed and shaped “Double “T” (and sideways horizontally oriented “H” in the decorative wooden inlays!) as well as another “H” which appears to be deeply etched into the wood (the combination of which creates a backward TH.TH = Thoth).

In addition to a faint but recognizable reference to 432 (another reference to Thoth and the Pythagorean Tetractys for the Hebrew letters of ‘Yahweh’), adjacent to a very clearly written number 29. Based on very extensive research on this topic and recognizing Da Vinci’s common encryption subjects, the “TH” as a very common and recognizable Rosicrucian reference to the Egyptian Pantheon God Thoth (Hermes in the Greek Pantheon and Mercury in the Roman Pantheon).

“TH” is a common encryption method particularly among Renaissance period (Rosicrucian/Hermetic) Cryptographers (including John Dee, Sir Francis Bacon and Edward DeVere–All Rosicrucian Hermeticists), of which Leonardo was also very well known to have been a long-time member. Furthermore, there is a red stamp with what looks to be the letter “R” adjacent to a Fleur de Lys flanked by an unrecognizable letter to the left side, both being topped by a capital letter A inscribed within a circle (yet another Rosicrucian symbol representing the ‘ΑΩ’–the mark of the Divine)…just a simple Museum stamp, or something more?

Today’s ‘TH.TH’ discovery is particularly interesting that it happened today on 8.8 (Lions Gate and the name ‘Leonardo’ literally means “Lion Man”), as Mercury’s (Planet) annual cycle is precisely 88 days. And in case there was any doubt, Leonardo hand signed the back wooden panel of the Mona Lisa (upper left), leaving no doubt as to its authorship. But what of the Number 29…does this number relate to 432 somehow? Turns out, it does. 1/Root29 ≈ .186 , quite interesting as 432^2 = 186,624….which also just happens to be a very close approximation for the Speed of Light in miles/sec. 🤔

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