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The Phoenix and the Benu Bird directly atop the Apis Bull and Hathor Cow (prior discovery by our research team). We believe that these etched stone reliefs represent the resurrection of Osiris (from the Apis Bull below, the Apis Bull is a prominent symbol of Osiris who was also known as ‘the Great Bull of the West’. These etched reliefs are located on the North Wall of the King’s Chamber, the Hieroglyphics name of the Great Pyramid is “Bull Mountain” matching the ancient name of the Giza Plateau: known formerly as ‘RosTau’ (TauRos Anagram (Taurus) or Bull).

The Phoenix relief was first spotted by my assistant Eden (@_edenv on Instagram) whereupon I immediately noticed the larger (and lighter in color) Benu Bird next to the the darker and smaller Phoenix. These granite etching reliefs measure approximately 13 ft in width (very large). The symbology also appears to possibly match the Zodiacal reference of Taurus and Scorpio (the 180° opposite (shadow) sign of Taurus in the Zodiac) which Scorpio is the sign that traverses its ascension throughout its lifetime: starting from a scorpion/sometimes a snake and then ascends as an Eagle and finishes its transformation into a Phoenix.

Just like the Apis Bull discovered the year earlier, the two birds can also be found in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper Fresco in Milan, which we believe was encrypted by Leonardo to represent the Alchemical Marriage of Osiris and Isis and represents a virtual map of the King’s Chamber reliefs and hidden meanings. Leonardo has artfully disguised two birds into the the same right (North) wall of the Last Supper.