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NEW DISCOVERY: A new and simple equation to derive the Euler Number to an astounding seven decimal digits of accuracy: (1/{(432*10^-4) + (1/(e-2))^-5})^1/π = e (2.7182818)……

This is made possible because e^π ≈ 1/.0432….. And, that e^1/π = 1.375 yet another close approximation for the Golden Angle of 1.375 x 10^2 degrees. And isn’t 137.5 the Diameter of a Circle whose Circumference is 432?? This is starting to feel like some sort of numerical “circuit”.

By extension, the above means that [(e^1/π)*10^2] / [{(1/(e^π))*10^3} – (1/(e-2)/10)] ≈ π (3.142270148955335) We also know that we can use 1/432 (along with only the Square Root of 3) to derive the Fine Structure Constant (a = .00729735); (equation for a = {((Root3)-1) – 1/432)}*10^-2 = .00729735….a remarkable 8 decimal digits of accuracy from the latest CODATA measurement); AND 1.4316834 x .4316834 = .6180339 (φ the Golden Ratio). Further, 431.6^2 = C (The Speed of Light in miles/second = 186,282 miles/second measured in a vacuum).

Let’s not forget that the Speed of Light measurement in Nautical miles (first established in 1623 with a mean value of 1852m!) is approx 161,826 nautical miles/sec….again, remarkably close to the Golden Ratio (1.618). Oh, and for the hardcore reductionists out there: Would you be surprised to find out the Planck Length measured in miles is 1.0 x 10^-38?! Yes, you read that correctly, UNITY. And then the ‘Crème de la Crème’, Euler’s Identity Equation: (e^iπ)+1 = 0…….Let’s just assume (for a little fun) that “i” simply remains “i”…..1/e^iπ = .0432i…..and when we substitute Root10/10 for Root-1 = AKA the Fractal Root of One (.316227766 as .316227766 x 3.16227766 = -1.000–a negative charge due to the 1 order separation), then (1/e^iπ) = 0.3703… add 1 = 1.3703…..The Fine Structure Constant Strikes again?!?

What exactly was Da Vinci trying to tell us when he chose 4.326279 inches for his Vitruvian Man Circle Radius value? Striking the perfect balance between π and e perhaps?