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DISCOVERY of an ‘AχΩ’ at the Osirion Temple in Abydos, Egypt:
Our group expedition named “Egypt2021AχΩ” made this discovery together (special thanks to Mart McClellan and @paula.dias.317).

This was only ONE of over 250+ significant New Discoveries made during our expedition. The Osirion Temple at Abydos is believed to be very old (many scholars believe that this site may actually be pre-dynastic) and has also been made famous for its numerous Flower of Life symbols on its large granite columns. While in Egypt, we found (never before discovered) examples of AΩ and AχΩ inside the Great Pyramid, the Serapeum in Saqqara, and here in Abydos. The symbols of AχΩ are very old across Egypt. It is likely that these symbols predate the Greek language and may have been holdover ‘loan’ symbols from an earlier language and/or civilization. The Letter A represented the Apis Bull and the Ω represented the Hathor (Cow Goddess), both prominent symbols in the Egyptian pantheon and mythology. The ‘A’ representing the Apis (Bull) was also a symbol for Osiris (the Letter A (‘Alef’) in Phoenician and Hebrew literally means “Bull/Ox”, Osiris was also known as the “The Great Bull from the West” and Ω, associated with both Hathor and Isis, Goddess of Fertility. It is kind of a funny coincidence that this was the only day I chose to wear my AχΩ T-shirt which included the Vitruvian Man separated by Da Vinci into 14 parts (Encryption for the Egyptian Man-God Osiris who was killed by Set and cut into 14 parts).

The final photograph is the hand drawn picture I drew a month prior to our trip and posted here on IG. PS: Can you see the rose 🌹 outline at the center of the χ Cross?