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“I have always been fascinated by synchronicities – those moments when you experience a coincidence that feels as though you are receiving a sacred sign from the universe. This week’s Highest Self Podcast Episode with Robert Grant (you may recognize him from the Gaia show, Code X) is all about synchronicities and signs. Robert is a man of the mysteries who has discovered one of the biggest discoveries in ancient Egyptian mythology! In today’s conversation, we are merging metaphysics, math, and science with spirituality to help you see how many of these things we talk about, such as synchronicities, are actually scientifically and mathematically proven. It’s incredible to see how math, music, spirituality, and science all go hand-in-hand – and on today’s episode, we are showing you HOW. This is a great episode for anyone who may be a bit more skeptical or left-brained when it comes to fully believing certain spiritual topics. I highly recommend sharing with your friends or partner who love anything science-backed. This conversation shines a light on how interrelated the math, science, and spiritual realms are. You’ll probably want to listen to this episode more than once to receive all of Robert’s potent codes! Grab a pen + paper and enjoy! ” – Sahara Rose