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NEW DISCOVERY: Our Sexagesimal Time System is Based on Musical Scales which are entirely embedded within the Compass 🧭.

Both e (Euler #) and π inform the entire Scale and all their multiples appear as frequencies within the 432.081hz Precise Temperament and 528.099hz Precise Temperament Tuning Chromatic Scales and together form a 24-Note Quartertone Chromatic Scale!

272.16hz = 271°73′ ≈ e (Euler) = C#4
544.42233hz = 2e = C#5
816.63349hz = 3e C#6

314.3448Hz = 314°28′ = π = D#*4
628.6896hz = 2π = D#*5
943.0344hz = 3π = D#*6

Ida (432hz) and Pingala (528hz)?

What do think/feel?

The 24-Note Quartertone Chromatic Scale = Full Spectrum of Sound and Light?

Earth, the Moon, Jupiter/Sun all demonstrate mathematical correspondences to the fundamental hertz frequencies using the Mile (5,280ft).