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ONE THOUGHT PERCEIVED FOUR WAYS (which then fractal into infinite perceptions of the ONE THOUGHT)….. ‘The Right Triangle IS the ONLY GEOMETRIC UNITY Principle.’ Any structure in the entire Universe can be broken down into fractalized Right Triangles (All Polygons, Polyhedra and Polytopes can be this reduced to Right Triangles). The Number Ratio creates Right Triangles.

Art takes those proportions to FORM. Music is the Depth (introducing a Z axis) and Mass associated with Form, bringing weight and gravity to concepts/ideas. Musical Intervals are all Right Triangle relationships also. Finally, Motion, Spin and Angular Momentum is introduced along with Energy and ‘Matter’ and Light to the Material and Natural Sciences. Relativity is also expressed in Right Triangles (Einstein). Logarithmic and Exponential Spirals are also simplified down to Right Triangles through Logarithmic Base values that are defined as inherent proportional ratios of their Hypotenuse/Height relationship taken to each whole number exponent (or logarithm). And, Right Triangles define BOTH Transverse and Scalar wave expressions…..geometrically uniting both Light (Transverse waves) and Sound/Gravity (Longitudinal Scalar waves) into ONE whole, demonstrating opposite expression reflections (and absorption) across spectral analysis.

So, THEREFORE, the Fractal and Self Similar Right Triangle is the ONE common relationship to all things. And it all starts with simple x (female) and y (male) relationships in THOUGHT. And ALL TRIANGLES are created by Two Numbers defined by their Base (Difference through subtraction); Height (the Square Root of their Product through multiplication); and the Slope Sides (Sum through addition). With this new understanding we can observe that all geometric structures can be broken down into a ‘BLOCKCHAIN-COMPRESSION’ (YES, I just said that) of their origin through their x and y factors and sum values.

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  • Bob Copeland says:

    The universe is based on the number (3), yes (1), no (0) & maybe (fraction). The primary geometric figure is the triangle. The upside is whoever, whatever designed this universe was clever enough to relate the triangle to umpteen interesting stuff which you’re unravelling. Also you can break any encryption based on two infinite digit prime numbers multiplied together using right triangles.