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Literally shocked to learn this week that I was actually granted a patent for PRECISE TEMPERAMENT TUNING by the US Patent and Trademark Office…

(The patent was actually issued on 12.12.23…. 🤔).

I have about 80 total (US and International) patents across several fields of use including photonics, sound based /electromagnetic healing, ocular technologies treating blindness, AR and VR, DNA/phenotypic expression, cryptography, blockchain, mathematics and number theory, geometrical compression, Clean/free energy, transmutation of elements, and music (like the above patent newly issued).

I have never asserted a legal position in order to protect intellectual property. The patent process is very costly. It can cost several tens of thousands of dollars to gain a patent issuance (mainly on legal and administrative fees). Additionally the upkeep of a large patent portfolio is very expensive also with annual fees and continuation filings required. There must be an intention to commercialize the embodiment if any patents are to be asserted legally (again, which I have never done).

A question I often receive: Why do I file patents for my inventions?

Here is the four part answer:

1. The patent process requires a lot of thoughtfulness to complete a filing application. It forces a high level of rigor to prove that the invention is novel AND to embody the concept into detailed diagrams of explanation of the invention’s reduction to practice and embodiment in an apparatus (as the case may be). Most patent filings don’t make it through this process simply because they are not, in fact, novel ideas.

2. To ensure that the invention is not ‘lost’ to history. The patent process requires a record detailed enough that future generations could ostensibly read the patent and recreate the technology (like an instruction manual). Most inventions are simply lost in someone’s basement.

3. So that neither I nor others can be “blocked” from pursuing the invention. This actually happens all the time.

4. I feel a great responsibility to protect what the Universe delivers through me. Thoughts are non local and cannot be owned.