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Robert Edward Grant Think Tank

Think Tank: The Robert Edward Grant Podcast with André Duqum

Robert and André Duqum delve deep into conversations spanning spirituality and the intricate art of podcasting Enjoy this intriguing episode!


Join Robert Grant and André Duqum on an intimate journey in this mesmerizing episode of the Robert Edward Grant Think Tank. Delve deep into their conversations, spanning spirituality and the intricate art of podcasting. Relive the magic of their eye-opening expedition to Egypt, where the impact on their spiritual and personal growth became undeniable. André shares his evolution, transitioning from freelancing to crafting a thriving spiritual podcast. He emphasizes the power of attentive listening and engaging discussions as pillars of his success.

The dialogue extends into the expansive realms of cosmology and fosters humility by recognizing our small place in the vast universe while feeling profoundly interconnected. André candidly discusses the hurdles of spiritual materialism and advocates for empathy in the face of global suffering, offering a holistic perspective on personal development, spiritual exploration, and social consciousness.

About our featured guest:

André, the dynamic host of “The Know Thyself Podcast,” has always been captivated by the art of storytelling, especially through the medium of video. He recognized early on how storytelling can profoundly influence people, serving as a force for inspiration and positivity or, conversely, disseminating fear and unawareness.

Driven by a profound desire to foster a global awakening in consciousness, André founded Meraki Media. This production company is dedicated to amplifying the voices of innovators, rebels, and spiritual trailblazers in society.

Now, André dedicates his efforts to the “Know Thyself Podcast,” where he harnesses his rich life experiences and his flair for probing deep questions. His aim is to uncover and share spiritual insights that are not only enlightening but also practical and accessible to all.

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