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Robert Edward Grant Think Tank

Think Tank: The Robert Edward Grant Podcast with Vylana Marcus

Robert and Vylana speak of sound healing’s transformative effects, Vylana’s journey to reclaim her voice, the significance of belief, and much more!


Vylana Marcus, celebrated for her profound work in sound healing, music, and spiritual guidance, recently joined Robert on the Think Tank podcast, marking a special episode. The session began with an impactful sound and meditation ceremony led by Vylana, setting a deep, intentional tone that visibly moved Robert. Their conversation traversed Vylana’s personal trials and evolution from mainstream musical ambitions to a spiritually enriching path through sound. They delve into sound healing’s transformative effects, Vylana’s journey to reclaim her voice, the significance of belief, the transformative power of sound, and the essential connection with the divine and collective consciousness. Amidst this heartfelt dialogue, they briefly referenced their recent enlightening trip to Egypt, further enriching the episode’s narrative with their shared experiences and insights gained from this journey.

About our featured guest:

Vylana Marcus is passionate about leveraging various modalities and mediums within the healing arts to support the expansion of both individual and universal consciousness; Vylana is a visionary sound alchemist who has dedicated her life to healing the collective as both an artist and a medicine woman.

Vylana could be called many things, but the descriptor she would be most proud of is permission slip. Permission for women and men to remember the full breadth and magic of their birthright. Permission to embrace this era of radical change and transformation. Permission to simply be, just as you are.

The key to Vylana’s mastery does not come from her voice alone, it rests in her embodiment. Embodiment of the full expression of the heart, the body, the mind, and the spirit–leaving no shadow behind. Vylana credits her journey to embrace her shadow as the tantamount ingredients to her realization as a full-spectrum artist. In recognizing that there is no part of herself, no part of any man or any woman that is not worthy of love, she is able to transmute the frequency of unconditionality of Love into her music, movement, and medicine.

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