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“In this episode of Healing & Human Potential, join renowned polymath Robert Edward Grant as he takes us on an intellectual and spiritual journey beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking. Prepare to be amazed as Grant explores the profound concept of transcending life’s duality and delves into the fascinating intersection of spirituality and mathematics. Drawing upon his deep understanding of mathematics and the universal principles that govern our existence, he illuminates the interconnectedness of all things and offers a fresh perspective on the nature of reality. Alyssa & Robert explore the profound idea that life is a mirror, reflecting back to us the lessons and experiences we need for our soul’s growth. They shares powerful insights on finding the way through negative emotions, emphasizing the importance of understanding and accepting the aspects of ourselves and the world that we fear or don’t fully comprehend. Prepare to be enlightened as Grant weaves together ancient wisdom, scientific inquiry, and personal anecdotes to illuminate the path towards spiritual growth and self-realization. ” – Alyssa Nobriga MA