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Think Tank: The Robert Edward Grant Podcast with Alex Ferrari

Alex joins Robert in exploring the transformative journey from filmmaking to podcasting and much more.


In this episode, Robert welcomes Alex Ferrari, a distinguished podcaster, author, consultant, and award-winning filmmaker with a quarter-century of experience in the film industry. Alex delves into his transformative journey from filmmaking to podcasting, inspired by “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss. He shares insights into his shift towards producing spiritually-focused content, striving to harmonize material success with spiritual enrichment, and the hurdles he faced in mainstreaming spirituality.

Their engaging conversation traverses the intriguing idea of life as a simulation, the synergy of spiritual teachings across cultures, and society’s shifting consciousness. They delve into the pivotal impact of digital media on education and the exploration of spirituality, underlining the importance of storytelling, continuous learning, and the quest for profound truths. This episode illuminates their path to grasping and disseminating deep insights in our digital era.

About our featured guest:

Alex Ferrari is a seasoned writer/director, podcaster, and author with a quarter-century of experience in the film industry. He is known for his dedication to helping filmmakers navigate the business. His directorial works have been showcased at over 600 international film festivals. Motivated by the challenges filmmakers face in the industry, Ferrari founded Indie Film Hustle®️, a platform aimed at providing education and resources for filmmakers and artists to succeed in the competitive film landscape.

Ferrari’s engagement with his audience extends through several popular podcasts, including The Indie Film Hustle®️ Podcast, which quickly became the top filmmaking podcast on Apple Podcasts, Bulletproof Screenwriting, Bio:

Rise of the Filmtrepreneur and Next Level Soul, covering various topics from screenwriting to spiritual growth. His books, “Shooting for the Mob” and “Rise of the Filmtrepreneur,” have gained significant acclaim, with the latter hitting the Amazon Best Seller list shortly after release. Now residing in Austin, TX, with his family, Ferrari is an avid meditator, leveraging his practice to enhance his creative and entrepreneurial endeavors, and frequently shares his insights at various industry events.

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